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Novel Concept Store Moetänav Has Opened Its Doors in the Baltika Quarter


The novel concept store Moetänav (Fashion Street), representing all Baltika´s brands, such as Monton, Mosaic, Ivo Nikkolo and Baltman, has opened its doors in the milieu-valuable Baltika Quarter.
The store, distinguished for its reuse inspired interior offers always fresh domestic fashion designs, ongoing special offers, new convenient services and reusable clothing designs. 

"The Baltika Group's largest store in Estonia – Moetänav – with sales area of 1000 m² is located in our former production building, which has got a new lease of life and where historically has always been a clothing store," said Maire Milder, Director of Retail Division. "Moetänav in Estonia is an innovative concept store, which brings together Baltika´s four clothing brands in a coherent whole, offering visitors a wide range of fresh domestic fashion designs." 

"Thanks to the fact that Baltika´s clothing brand was born right here in this house, Moetänav can put up for sale new collections at a lower price than other stores. Moreover, here one can find a comfortable shopping environment – you will get a quick overview of the product range of four different brands and besides that the parking in the Baltika quarter is well-organized. The buyers´ favourite, Factory Shop, will also move to the store, continuing to offer favorable goods together with seasonal sample sales of Moetänav," Maire Milder added. 

In addition to a wide range of fashion assortment, the store offers new convenient services as well. "Here you can reserve time to have personal clothing advice and, if necessary, the tailor will make purchased garments that fit you perfectly well. In the immediate future, it will also be possible at Moetänav store to make a special order request to sew Baltman´s suit according to your size," said Sven Ohlau, Estonian Market Manager. "Likewise, Baltika´s brand collections can be assessed quickly and conveniently by stylists and companies – the latter can order different uniforms and the first rent clothes for various media projects. Moetänav will become a place for various functions and gatherings as we plan to organize several fashion events and workshops here in the future." 

According to Maris Kerge, a designer and interior decorator of the Baltika Group, Moetänav does not represent only a place of purchase, but also provides a fresh experience of space and art. "An important role in our interior design is played by the intentionally preserved atmosphere of the factory and by the reused/recovered furniture.  The store has put to use the office furniture left over after moving to new offices, as well as the finds from basements, warehouses and repositories of the company. Our aim was to combine functionality with ecological and sustainable art; therefore we went to find inspiration among other things to New York, London, Geneva, Vienna and Rome," added Maris Kerge. 

In addition to Baltika´s creative team (Maris Kerge, Maire Milder, Pekka Porkanen and Ott Kangur), young talented interior designers Kaur Stöör, Tarmo Stöör, Lauri Eltermaa and Pärtel Eelma participated in the interior decoration of the store.
As an advocate of reusable clothing design, the ideology of reusing interior is followed also by Reuse Republic, one "place of sale” at Moetänav store. "All are welcome to bring used clothes of all Baltika´s four clothing brands there as Reuse Republic team will give them a new life through recycling. In addition to the garments brought to Moetänav, they redesign faulty clothing samples and stocklots. You´ll have a wonderful chance to buy or have a glance at new fashion designs at our store," added Sven Ohlau. Besides fashion goods, you´ll find flowers in Masha floral department or beauty products at Thann Shop