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Merle Lõhmus, Head Designer of Mosaic Women’s Collection

I started in Baltika in 1998 as a trainee in a work placement programme. When it was asked who can speak English, I raised my hand and thus became an interpreter for the Head of Production, who was not from Estonia. After graduating from Tallinn Light Garment Technology School, I started working as a technologist in Baltika.

Even though I liked the work of a technologist, I understood that I was drawn towards work that is more creative. I was committed to get enrolled in Estonian Academy of Arts. Thus I attended a preparation course and started studying fashion design in 2000. As I felt that my style was rather masculine and that I was drawn to men’s fashion design, I applied for the position of designer for Everman after graduating from in Estonian Academy of Arts. I worked as a designer for Everman for seven years. After returning from parental leave, I felt that men’s fashion design had exhausted itself for me. Fortunately, I was noticed and offered a position as women’s fashion designer for Mosaic, which I happily accepted. I was there when the brand Mosaic was born, and I’m happy to be the head designer for the same brand.

When we asked Merle what are her recommendations for someone who wishes to apply for a job in Baltika, she replied, “Baltika as a very international company can offer you wide-ranging opportunities to grow. Baltika gives you a chance to become more self-aware, to grow, to develop. It is Estonia’s coolest and most capable fashion business. It is an Estonian project we do on an international level.”

Laura Kallasvee – Collection Analyst

I started in Baltika in 2013 in a work placement programme in marketing. It seems that I left a good impression, as I was offered a job in the Retail Department as a retail development specialist after two months. At the same time, I continued my studies in the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Tartu.

After structural changes in the company, I became a retail specialist. After another restructuring, my job title remained the same but the work tasks changed. After a while I felt that the new tasks are not for me as they went further and further away from numbers. In 2015, I noticed a vacancy in my former manager’s structure, I looked into it and my application was approved. In the autumn of the same year, I started working as a sales analyst. When one of my colleagues went to a maternity leave, I was offered the job of a collection analyst, which I gladly accepted. I never regretted my decision as the job is exiting.

Even though it sometimes feels like the shoes I’ve accepted are too large for me, I have always managed. The various jobs have offered me an opportunity to learn a lot and to develop.

When we asked Laura what are her recommendations for someone who wishes to apply for a job in Baltika, she replied, “Working in Baltika is very interesting. You have to be prepared to invest your time and be devoted. Baltika is the right place for a person who is prepared to be passionate about their work. Busy and tension-filled periods are grately overshadowed by positive feedback.

Rain Aess – Sales Manager of premium brands on Estonian market

I started as a sales assistant in Baltika Group’s retail company Baltman OÜ in 2013. A friend invited me to a job interview during which I met with the store manager and the sales manager. I also participated in a trial day. The job seemed interesting and it was possible to work part-time while studying at the university. This is how became a sales assistant in a Monton store in Melon Shopping Centre. As a sales assistant, it was important for me that the store would be tidy – I always took care that the all product would be displayed in right sizes and that the layout would look good. This is probably the reason why after a while I was offered the opportunity to do the layout. Then I became a senior sales assistant, and soon after I was invited to apply for the position of store manager for a Monton store in another shopping centre. I became the deputy shop manager in the Monton store in Kristiine Shopping Centre. After some time, I was offered the position of store manager of Baltman and Ivo Nikkolo stores in Kristiine Shopping Centre. As a result of the store managers’ rotation, I worked in the same position in other shopping centres as well. In the summer of 2016, I was offered the position  sales manager for premium brands.

When we asked Rain what are his recommendations for someone who wishes to apply for a job in Baltika, he replied, “If you are interested and willing, you should definitely apply. You start from a lower position, but the company offers many opportunities for development. You design your own career path. Occupying various positions in the company give you a chance to develop, give experience, and make you more open-minded. If you want to work, come to us because we guarantee you won’t be bored.”

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