Baltika Group to open its first new concept Ivo Nikkolo store in Riga

Baltika Group, the leading fashion company in the Baltics, will open its new Ivo Nikkolo store in Latvia, at shopping centre Spice on the 9th of February 2017.  Ivo Nikkolo store at Spice is the first new concept shopping environment in the Baltics.

According to Maire Milder, Branding and Retail Concept Director at Baltika Group, the new Ivo Nikkolo store at Spice  is created to women who value Ivo Nikkolo’s quality and signature style of clothing and provide excellent customer experience. The new store at Spice extends over 95 square metres.

“The reference of the interior design of lvo Nikkolo clothing stores calls for an environment that would offer more – where just being in the store is spelling enjoyment, and where selecting and buying clothing would be a ritual in its own right. The space is created to women who value Ivo Nikkolo’s quality and signature style of clothing. For example, various rare items have been used in the interior design of the new concept Ivo Nikkolo store – we use the world’s first manufactured naturally curved hardwood flooring that follow a tree’s natural growth. The floor is taylor-made made in Estonia, which is also the heritage country of Ivo Nikkolo,” Maire Milder said.

The new Ivo Nikkolo store is located on the ground floor of Spice shopping center. Spice shopping center is located at the ground floor, near central atrium. The Ivo Nikkolo store is open every day from 10 to 21.

Ivo Nikkolo is a unique design brand of Baltika Group, which combines playfulness in details with an elegant chic look, meeting the high demands and lifestyle of a modern professional woman. Ivo Nikkolo is available in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Finland,  and also on

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