Baltika to support young Estonian design talents

From this Autumn, the Estonian fashion design company Baltika is the primary sponsor of Estonian Design Awards, and will provide a special award for one young talent in the field of design, whose creative output or activity has potential for an international breakthrough. Baltika wishes to cooperate with the winner of the special award in different projects related to design export. Application for participation in the Estonian Design Awards ends tonight, on 19 August at midnight.

In this year’s Estonian Design Awards Baltika supports the SÄSI category, which aims to support and encourage young Estonian design talents by acknowledging them for the creative and independent work they have done so far and giving them an opportunity to study and develop further. Activities classified as award-worthy can be creation of innovative service design solutions, products or product prototypes, or experimental or research activities expanding the boundaries of the field of design.
“What has been achieved in the Estonian design landscape in the recent years is truly remarkable – Estonian design is earning more and more respect, it is increasing in value and designer brands have made immense progress in the areas of product design and marketing,” said Maire Milder, member of the jury in the SÄSI category at Estonian Design Awards and Branding and Retail Concept Director at Baltika. Milder admitted that young talents need support and help in order to succeed internationally. She also said that design should be created not only out of love for the product but also with the aim of solving an important problem through design or design thinking. “Design created in Estonia is worthy of crossing the borders and entering external markets. I am glad that through organising the Estonian Design Awards, Design Centre has created one way of helping young design talents on this journey,” added Milder.
“The fact that Baltika with the largest design team in Estonia supports young design talents shows that Estonian companies see potential in young designers, and are willing to contribute to their development,” said Jane Oblikas, head of the Estonian Design Centre. “The statement made a few years ago about companies and designers not working together definitely no longer holds true,” she happily adds.
The Estonian Design Awards, including SÄSI laureates and Baltika special award, will be revealed during the formal award gala on 16 September in Tallinn Kultuurikatel. After this Baltika will start negotiations with the special award winner to start cooperation in projects related to increasing design export at Baltika. “Today, collections of different Baltika fashion brands are available in many countries across Europe, but we need additional development activities in order to increase our export capacity,” added Maire Milder.
The Estonian Design Awards bring design awards issued so far in Estonia under one roof, thus amplifying the voice and message of design in society. Estonian Design Awards were established in 2012 in collaboration with Estonian Designers’ Association, Estonian Design Centre, ADC*Estonia and Estonian Service Industry Association.
Baltika Group is the leading fashion design company in the Baltic States, owing five internationally acclaimed fashion brands – Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Bastion and Ivo Nikkolo. The retail network of Baltika brands includes 130 brand stores in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania; all collections are also available in the online store, which delivers goods to 44 countries worldwide. Thanks to wholesale and franchise partners, Baltika brands’ collections are sold in stores all over Europe, including one of the oldest and most widely known department store chains Peek & Cloppenburg. Baltika Group’s shares are noted in Tallinn Stock Exchange, which belongs to the NASDAQ OMX group.
Baltika gives a nod to Estonian design
The image provides a cross-section of Baltika as the Estonian fashion design company whose five fashion brands (Monton, Mosaic, Baltman, Ivo Nikkolo and Bastion) are known and valued in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe and in Spain. Over 1100 dedicated people contribute to delivering Baltika’s fashion brands and collections to our consumers. The process, where each of our well-tailored suits, dresses or coats is made and delivered to the customers, consists of a million minute details, and all people at Baltika are involved in this process. A representative selection of people at Baltika (from the left): Pille Lauring – Head of Collection at Monton, Aivar Antonio Lätt – Head Designer at Baltman, Monika Randloo – Head Designer at Bastion, Meelis Milder – CEO of Baltika, Triinu Jõhve – Bastion Designer, Sille Õigus – Customer Representative, Igor Koševarov – logistics, Britta Laumets – Ivo Nikkolo Designer, Tuuli Hallop – HR and Recruitment Specialist, Marjan Saar – Head of Accessories Buying, Piia Poolak – Visual Merchandiser, Collection Analyst / Planner – Laura Kallasvee, Külli Koort – Head of Baltika online store, Ann-Mari Koppel – Financial Analyst, Hanna Haring – Head Designer of Monton women’s collection, Kristel Sooaru – Sales and Marketing Director, Peeter Rästa – Head Designer of Monton men’s collection, Maire Milder – Branding and Retail Concept Development Director, Helen Viir – Technologist of Mosaic women’s collection, Svetlana Maksimets – Tailor, Ester Soidla – Head Designer of Mosaic men’s collection, Toomas Raun – IT specialist, Merle Lõhmus – Head Designer of Mosaic women’s collection, Lea Endrikson – Head of Wholesale and Franchise Sales, Henry Feil – Customer Representative, Eve Hanson – Ivo Nikkolo Head Designer and Aldona Solnik – Retail Sales Manager in Estonia.
The picture also features a selection of remarkable Estonian design elements, thus offering symbolic support to Estonian design and design as a way of thinking. In addition to all the Baltika people who are pictured wearing Estonian fashion, the photo features the floor lamp from the series „Artist“ created by Tarmo Luisk, leather handbag „Rob a Bank Bag“ designer by leather designer Stella Soomlais, Oot-oot stool „Dot“ and Warm North side table designed by Aap Piho.
The cross-section of Baltika was captured with a photo remote by Peeter Rästa Head Designer of Monton men’s collection

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