Baltman celebrated its 25th anniversary at Tallinn Fashion Week with the special collection “Born Fearless”

To celebrate Baltman’s  anniversary season, Baltman Head Designer Aivar Antonio Lätt has created the “Born Fearless” collection, which was presented at Tallinn Fashion Week in 22th of October.

Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian men have worn Baltman suits for over 25 years. “During these years, Baltman has become a symbol of fearless. Over the past 25 years, this mentality of fearlessness has characterised the entrepreneurs that laid the foundation for the economy of the Baltic countries that regained independence, as well as the product development of Baltman, where the innovative fabrics used today do not fear wrinkles, cell phone radiation, or pouring rain,” said Baltman co-founder Meelis Milder during Baltman anniversary show.


Baltman was founded in 1991. In 1993 it expanded to Lithuania and in 1996 to Latvia. Over the years, Baltman has set the trends in men’s fashion and boasted highly talented designers who have been awarded with  the Estonian most important fashion prize Golden Needle on three occasions, making Baltman the most valuable fashion brand in Estonia.
Baltman Head Designer Aivar Antonio Lätt has been working with Baltman since 2010.  With the return of Antonio, a new chapter was turned in the book of Baltman. The brave return to the roots, the use of the best fabrics in the world and a fair amount of fearless fashion brought Baltman back to the arena and Antonio was awarded the Golden Needle. Today, Baltman’s clothes are worn by anyone who is characterised by a fearless mindset, from the Estonian national football team/Latvian Ice hockey team/Lithuanian basketball team and top businessmen to Estonian Prime Minister.




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