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If you wish to tie your future with fashion industry, take the first step of your career in Baltika!

Baltika as an interesting and fast-developing international company is the best employer in fashion industry – you have a chance to develop and grow with the company and help out in making our brands even more successful. We regularly offer internship to the students of the Institute of Clothing and Textile at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences and the students of Tallinn Industrial Education Centre. Students attending other schools/universities are welcome to apply for an internship corresponding their specialty in Baltika as well.

Interns in the fields of design, supply, technology, quality, merchandising, and marketing are particularly welcome.

How to apply?

  • Before applying, think what the purpose of your internship is. How to you envision your internship and what are the experiences you wish to gain?
  • Fill the form

We’ll go through your application and let you know about internship possibilities.

For further information on internships and applying for one, please call 6209 999 or write to praktika@baltikagroup.com



Jaana Rodima, technologist trainee, autumn 2017

My work placement was a part of my studies in Tallinn University of Technology in the field of technology of wood and textiles. I chose Baltika for the work placement programme for several reasons. I wished to do the work placement in an Estonian company that has a long and dignified history. Baltika’s history of long collaboration with various work placement programmes, and their just evaluation of the trainees’ abilities spoke in the company’s favour as well.

My work placement was in the Womeswear Collections Modelling Group and with two brands: Monton and Mosaic. I also had dealings with the Buying Department, which meant that in addition to a main supervisor, I also got co-supervisors with varying degrees of experience. My main duties included assisting technologists, measuring product samples and evaluating their quality, compiling and filling in specifications, and steaming and sewing fittings when necessary. Additionally, I got to take part in product sample fittings and meetings.

My goal during the work placement was to contribute to the company’s work and not just be an observer. A work placement in Baltika gives an opportunity to leave an impression that may be useful in applying for a job in the company later on.

I am very satisfied with my experience and think that in Baltika everyone has an opportunity to create a unique work placement for themselves.

Kadi Uustalu, trainee in Wholesale and Franchise Department, summer 2017. Assistant in Baltika’s Accessories Buying Department since December 2017

My work placement in Baltika started in July 2017 while I was in my third year of studying Resource Management in the Field of Clothing and Textiles in Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. Work placement has great importance in acquiring a professional higher education, and thus I wished to get the best professional experience possible. Baltika Group as a prestigious Estonian clothing industry and design company was a perfect place for me in which to accumulate experience. My work placement was in the Wholesale and Franchise Department. As the time of my work placement coincided with the department’s sale period, I was able to actively take part in the department’s daily work. I participated in the brand trainings (all five of them), took part of client meetings and team meetings. I also had the opportunity to get familiar with the work of the Buying Department during the work placement. As I had previously only had dealings with sales, supplying was a new and interesting world for me. I am very happy to have had the opportunity of doing my work placement in Baltika, for a work placement in a large company gives a great overview of what working in clothing industry means.

One of the most valuable experiences was definitely acquiring new contacts. I was accepted to the team as an equal partner. Thanks to this, I came to the office with a positive attitude every day and was exited about applying myself to new tasks. The supportive team also provided me with a great opportunity to apply for a job in Baltika. So it is that I work in Baltika as an assistant in the Accessories Buying Department since December 2017.

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