Baltman is an international fashion brand, created in 1991 and belongs to Baltika Group’s brand portfolio. It operates in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets, owning 12 concept shops altogether. Baltman connects high-quality fabrics, product development and high-end design, offering sumptuous menswear for days in office, business trips and formal events.

All Baltman suits, jackets and trousers are produced right here in Estonia – in factories that are owned and administered by AS Baltika. Baltman relies on Baltika’s long history and experience in production of high-quality clothing and suits. Baltman orders the fabrics from carefully selected long-term business partners in Europe, such as Loro Piana and Dormeuil who are indisputably some of the best in their field. All of Baltman’s sourcing partners must follow ethical and responsible sourcing principles prescribed by AS Baltika. These principles are based on the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) code which is founded on the Work Organisation’s convention, and additional safety regulations specified by AS Baltika.

Baltman’s head designer since spring 2010 is Aivar Lätt, also known as Antonio, who has previously created mens- and womenswear collections both in Estonia and abroad. Antonio believes that a suit makes the man’s identity, and it will always be the only clothing article that effortlessly makes you look polished.


The designroute for Baltman store concept is the traditional Tailor’s Studio. The loft door opens and eyes are immediately drawn towards the massive table in the center of the room that reflects creativity, productivity and a place to come together. The space and the atmosphere in the stores has been designed to reflect the expectations and needs of the modern-day man. The industrial loft atmosphere offers a comfortably masculine space for taking it easy and enjoying the whole process of professional service.

The modern tailor is a cosmopolitan wanderer, who values authenticity and an artistic environment. Concrete floors, along with chrome and black steel elements contribute to the industrial atmosphere that inspires the self-confident “do‘er”. The light of day coming in through the tall windows of the old factory floor slowly gets substituted by the glow of big lamps emphasizing the contemporary atmosphere.

While this is the center of industrial coolness and modern minimalism, traditional tailor craft is reflected by means of wooden oak hexagons that are located as island within the room. Likewise dress forms, buttons and sewing patterns are reminders of the art of manufacturing high-quality clothing – tailor made meets man-made modern.

An authentic setting where premium class products get the best focus. All of the lines in Baltman collection have a clear place in the store, making it easy for the customer to locate and get the right products according to his needs.

Baltika developed the Baltman shop architecture in co-operation with international design agency Dan Pearlman.