Name: AS Baltika (Baltika Ltd.)

Core business: Clothing retail
Date of establishment: 1 August 1991
Date of registration: 9 May 1997
Auditor: AS PricewaterhouseCoopers
Date of listing: 5 June 1997 (Main List), 7 May 1998 (I-List), 17 February 2003 (Main List)
Market: Nasdaq Tallinn
Other listings: –

Management Board

Flavio Perini (Chairman)

Supervisory Board

Jaakko Sakari Mikael Salmelin (Chairman), Lauri Kustaa Aimä, Reet Saks, Tiina Mõis, Kristjan Kotkas

Background Information

Baltika Group is a rapidly growing fashion retailer in the Baltic States, Central and Eastern Europe.  The Group operates three retail concepts: Monton, Baltman and Ivo Nikkolo. Baltika employs a vertically integrated business model which means that the Group controls all stages of the fashion process: design, manufacturing, supply chain management, distribution/logistics and retail sales. Such a model enables Baltika to offer new fashion goods every week and assures high availability of basics.

Contact details

Address: Veerenni 24, 10135 Tallinn, Estonia
Telephone: +372 630 2801
Fax: +372 630 2814
Internet webpage: