Baltika Group to launch the pilot project to support the growth of e-commerce in Finland

Baltika will  open a new pop-up store in Iso Omena Shopping Center in Finland, Espoo in December, aiming to support the growth of the Baltika e-shop Andmorefashion.com sales on Finnish fashion market.

Baltika sees the increase in sales revenue through export and e-sales as a growth engine. ‘We have taken important steps of directing our sales point to certain export markets as well as investing more in the development of our e-shop Andmorefashion.com,” said Meelis Milder, CEO of Baltika Group.
Baltika Group’s design export has increased significantly in recent years, while wholesale and franchise sales grew by 7% this year and was to 5.4 million euros.  E-commerce sales has grown 38% in the first nine months of this year, rising over 1 million euros.

Baltika Group’s brands are on the Finnish market since 2013, at the moment the company’s two largest brands Monton and Mosaic are sold in 19 different Aleksi13 and Halonen department stores across the country. “Since many of our brands are already known in Finland, and today’s e-commerce shows a strong interest towards Ivo Nikkolo, we decided to launch a pilot project to support Andmorefashion.com sales in Finland, combining the opportunities of traditional retail and e-business,” added Meelis Milder.

The pilot project is scheduled for half a year, during which a pop-up store will be opened in December in Espoo, Finland, at Iso Omena Shopping Center. To support the growth of e-commerce, several other activities are also planned to support the integration of the Baltika Group e-shop Andmorefashion.com and the physical store environment. “If the pilot project succeeds, we see Finland as one of the important markets along with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania where we want to grow by combining different sales channels in order to offer our clients the best customer experience and increase the export of Estonian design to neighboring countries,” added Meelis Milder.

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