Ivo Nikkolo 25: modern women are increasingly conscious of their fashion choices

Britta Laumets, lead designer and collection manager at Ivo Nikkolo: “Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the fashion brand Ivo Nikkolo has always used high-quality materials that last for more than one season. We are seeing increasingly more women willing to pay more for clothing items they know will last for a long time and the manufacturing of which has the smallest possible adverse effect on the environment.

“Our customers who already own a classic Ivo Nikkolo woollen coat don’t have to purchase a new coat for many years. And we tend to take better care of the things we pay more money for. It’s easier to throw away cheap items,” admitted Laumets, who believes Ivo Nikkolo stands for more than just a clothing brand.

“One of our primary sources of inspiration and the driving force behind our designs is the modern woman with her values and stimulating mindset. We are able to create clothing items that speak to us by thinking of and perceiving the modern woman,” said Laumets.

The designer explained further that during the creative process, designers filter through a number of socially sensitive subjects, establishing a good basis for a personal interpretation. With all of this, the women for whom items are created remain a constant fascinating study object. “Especially now that the role of women in society is getting more attention and is constantly changing,” added Laumets.

According to Laumets, it is essential for Ivo Nikkolo as a brand to unlock the mindset of today’s women as well as their daily activities and routines. With all these nuances in mind, it is possible to create clothing items that have meaning in their time and find a place in every woman’s wardrobe. “Changes in the habits and thought process of our customers – consume less, reuse, rent – certainly have an effect on us. As a brand, Ivo Nikkolo keeps track of all these developments, and if we want to be relatable to our customers, we must take account of global trends and in some cases also set the trends,” said Laumets.

She also pointed out that the overall movement is to give more thought to purchases and consume less. “However, we are still programmed to look for innovation and people expect fashion to keep up with the times. Brands must understand their customers and cater to their needs. In the 21st century, with overproduction being a big issue in the fashion industry, brands should focus more on innovation and educate their customers by doing so,” stressed Laumets.

Ivo Nikkolo has been designing clothes for women for 25 years and has seen and followed the way women’s place in society has changed. “We aspire to share similar values, beliefs and experiences with our customers and to be just as aware and confident as the women who wear Ivo Nikkolo today,” said the designer.

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