Baltic Sea Philharmonic/©Peter Adamik/Baltic Folk’ Tour 2017

Monton presented its collection to an international audience during the Baltic Sea Philharmonic concert ‘Waterworks’

On Saturday, 26th of August, Estonian most successful fashion brand Monton and Baltic Sea Philarmonic, conducted by maestro Kristjan Järvi, created a cutting-edge concert show that fuses music, fashion, light, visual art and sound design for the orchestra’s “Waterworks” tour. The concert of the international Baltic Sea Philharmonic started with a unique catwalk by the musicians, where the best of Estonian fashion was presented to the full-house at the Historical-Technical Museum in Peenemünde on the island of Usedom.

The Baltic Sea Philharmonic debuted a fresh, distinctive look on its current ‘Waterworks’ tour thanks to an innovative partnership with Estonian fashion brand house Baltika Group. Designers of Monton, the largest of Baltika’s five international brands, have created new concert clothing for the musicians of the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and its Founding Conductor and Music Director Kristjan Järvi. The new outfits have been specially designed to reflect the water theme of the programme, with shades of blue, white and grey replacing the traditional all-black uniformity of formal concert attire. Through that, the clothing innovation forms part of cutting-medge concert show fusing music, fashion, light, visual art and sound design. The conductor, maestro Kristjan Järvi says: ‘The sense of unity that we want to achieve between the music, the projections, the lighting and the sound design also incorporates the clothing of the orchestra. Everything is part of an organic whole, a unified artistic concept, and that includes how the orchestra looks on stage, the way its clothes represent the different colours of water, and the way the light reflects off the various materials.” The beginning of the concert with a catwalk entrance was another special feature that excited the 1,200 people of the sold-out concert hall in Peenemünde. Kristjan Järvi: ‘We were bringing Estonian fashion and Estonian sound to the concert hall as the musicians walked in with music by “Sleepy Waves” by Mick Pedaja and the audience loved it. Baltic Sea Philharmonic is all about the discovery of the new and it is great that we found a partner in Monton that joins us in this discovery.’ The final concert of the ‘Waterworks’ tour will be tomorrow  at the sold-out Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg. The concert can be seen in a live-stream at 8 pm CET on

The ‘Waterworks’ tour in cooperation with Sunbeam Productions, which features nine performances in Germany and Denmark in May and August 2017, marks the start of a long-term collaboration planned by the Baltic Sea Philharmonic and the Baltika Group. The Baltika Group has a design heritage stretching back almost 90 years, and played a significant part in keeping the traditions of Estonia’s textile and clothing industry during the country’s transition from closed borders to the post-Communist era of free-market opportunity. Monton was established 15 years ago – making it only a few years older than the Baltic Sea Philharmonic – and is today the most successful Estonian fashion brand in the world.

Known for its free-spirited individuality, Monton often merges contrasting influences to create a look that’s fresh and unexpected. Maire Milder, Baltika Group’s Branding and Retail Concept Development Director, says: “The styling for “Waterworks” uses a black‒grey‒white‒navy colour palette, with sky blue for the accent. It’s a rather minimalistic styling where details act as focal points: pleats imitate water flow and movement, and sheer tulle and straight-cut edges represent the qualities of ice.”

About the Baltic Sea Philharmonic
The Baltic Sea Philharmonic is a unique orchestra that brings together musicians from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Russia and Sweden. It started life in 2008 as the Baltic Sea Youth Philharmonic, a joint initiative of the Usedom Music Festival and Nord Stream AG. It quickly established an international reputation, not just for its acclaimed performances under the baton of Kristjan Järvi, but also with its powerful message of unity and cooperation in a region that has historically been divided. In 2015 the orchestra was awarded the prestigious European Culture Prize for its achievements in developing creativity and innovation, and influencing the cultural scene across the Baltic Sea region. Newly renamed the Baltic Sea Philharmonic, in 2016 the orchestra toured eight countries, collaborated with Gidon Kremer and the Kremerata Baltica, and celebrated the release by Sony Classical of its recording of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, arranged by Henk de Vlieger. The orchestra continues its commitment to innovation and to the environment in 2017 with an immersive, water-themed concert show that features cutting-edge visual art, lighting and sound design.

About the Baltika Group
The Baltika Group is an international fashion brand house with headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. It operates five brands – Monton, Mosaic, Ivo Nikkolo, Bastion and Baltman – and has a retail network of 128 stores across the Baltic region. Established in Tallinn in 1928 as a manufacturer of raincoats, the company was restructured in 1959 and renamed Baltika. First listed on the Tallinn Stock Exchange in 1997, the Baltika Group today has 1,100 employees and had a turnover in 2016 of €47m. Monton, the largest of Baltika’s international brands, was launched in 2002, and is now the leading Estonian fashion brand in the world.

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