Our story & values

Baltika Group, headquartered in Tallinn and founded in 1928, is the leading fashion brand house in the Baltics.

Throughout 90 years of experience, we have developed from a manufacturer to a brand house, and in the process we have become a leading fashion design enterprise in the Baltic region.

We are open to limitless ideas, bringing talented people together and crossing geographical boundaries.


Baltika creates quality fashion that allows people to express themselves and feel good.


Our goal is to bring vital Estonian fashion design to the international fashion market.

Our values

Baltika was born in Estonia – seemingly on the border between two worlds, among different cultures, interest, and ideas, and in a place where temperamental East and the Innovative West have met for centuries. It is our long experience – almost a century – that gives us the conviction that our creation affects people. Our values are thinking without boundaries, continuously searching for new solutions, and cooperating with organizations as well as with people. Our logo is inspired by butterflies who are born every season – unique and beautiful – and whose each flight is like one small limitless discovery.

Our story: together towards limitless solutions

Baltika Group is an international fashion brand house established in Estonia – seemingly on the border between two worlds, among different cultures, interests, and ideas, and in a place where the temperamental East and the innovative West have met for centuries. Therefore, the skill to cooperate, understand differences, and see beyond the borders surrounding us has always been second nature to us.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Republic of Estonia found its way onto the world map thanks to the progressive and entrepreneurial spirit of the area. In 1928, the predecessor of Baltika Group, a raincoat factory, was founded in Tallinn, which started our tradition of handicraft mastery.

Despite the closed borders, Estonia remained close to the ideas of the free world thanks to our location by the Baltic Sea. Perhaps this is why Baltika, the largest fashion industry in Eastern Europe, was created in Estonia in 1959 and became the flagship of the light industry of the area; the suits and overcoats created at Baltika were coveted in all parts of the Soviet Union. We further developed our handicraft skills and learned to sew like no one else could. By the late 1980s, Baltika had become a modern industrial undertaking which dared to dream of an unprecedented business model. This is how we became one of the first privatised public undertakings in Estonia at the tail end of the 1980s.

The 1990s were a period of rapid development. In the environment of the newly independent Republic of Estonia, fearless leaders and talented designers helped create Baltman, the first fashion brand in Estonia, to take Estonian design across the newly open borders. Baltman is highly valued to this day for its special design language and Baltika’s skills to sew the masterpieces of tailoring – perfectly fitting suits made of the best fabrics in the world.

In 1997, Baltika Group took its business model and involvement capability to a new level by entering the stock markets as a publicly traded company. The shares of Baltika become a sign of favour to the Estonian creative industry for domestic market investors.

In 2002, Monton was born. It conquered the fashion world with an entirely new and talented design language and has become the most sold Estonian fashion brand on foreign markets. The brand family of Baltika has seen further additions in the form of the timelessly elegant Mosaic, the sensual and feminine Bastion, and Ivo Nikkolo, meant for the most demanding fashion gourmands.

We grew beyond our every expectation by building fashion brands, believing in the vitality of Estonian design, and valuing the heritage of Estonian tailors. We experienced growing pains in the form of crises and setbacks, but those made us understand our surroundings and taught us to create solutions and, even more importantly, to change.

We have grown from a traditional clothing industry to an international fashion brand house and fought for the place of Estonian fashion design on the international market. The fashion brands of Baltika can be found in nearly every country in Europe and our e-store has made Estonian fashion conveniently available in the whole world.

Of course, we have not achieved all of this alone. The foundation of Baltika Group is to always find limitless solutions in cooperation with talented partners. This is how Veerenni Street, the location of our former sewing factory and current headquarters, has become a region of creative industry undertakings – the Baltika block that is well known to all residents of Tallinn. Thanks to our history of nearly a century, we wish to pass our skills on to the new generation, constantly looking for ways to cooperate with universities, organisations, countries, and talented creative people from all walks of life.

In this century, our mission is to deliver to the world a message of Estonia as a viable design country along with our valued fashion brands. We are assisted in this endeavour by our colleagues from the entire Baltic region as well as by our wholesale and franchising partners from Russia, Serbia, Spain, Belarus, Ukraine, and Germany.

We are doing this so we would not forget who we are. The wish to strive towards limitless solutions together still persists in us because this is the only way we will endure. And we will be on the world map stronger than ever.