The current Group Retail Director of Baltika Group, Brigitta Kippak, has joined the board of the company

As of June 1, Brigitta Kippak, who has been managing the company’s sales activities at various levels for an extensive period, has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Baltika.

Flavio Perini, Chairman of the Management Board of Baltika, explained that experience and capabilities of the former group retail director in sales, merchandising and product development have been invaluable in turning the company around. “Having achieved financial stability and a positive cash position, Baltika’s next step is to ensure the sales success of the womenswear brand Ivo Nikkolo in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which is undergoing a complete overhaul for the autumn/winter season. We are investing in a strong omni-channel strategy, in the implementation of which the COO will play a key role and, as a member of the board, will be better placed to manage the necessary changes smoothly,” Perini added.

According to Kippak, Baltika’s strength lies in its motivated team, a firm focus and action plan that will help the company’s sales performance to show strong numbers again. “Growing omnichannel customer experience plays an important role in our strategy. Hence, we will be having a greater emphasis on ensuring e-commerce growth and improving customer experience in our retail stores,” Kippak added. Brigitta Kippak has worked for the Baltika Group since 1997, including as brand manager for Mosaic, merchandising manager and retail director of Baltika.

The current member of the Management Board and Chief Financial Officer Triinu Tarkin has decided to leave the company on her own initiative on June 4. “Having worked at Baltika for almost 10 years, and now that Baltika has achieved financial stability, I feel the need to focus on new challenges,” said Tarkin. The new Chief Financial Officer, Hellika Toome, currently head of Elisa Estonia’s accounting department, will join Baltika on August 23.