Monton is a leading brand in Estonian fashion design, whose every collection depicts how the fusion of different sources of inspiration creates something talented and innovative.

Our creations are driven by the new generation mindset, which represent the courage to be open to new ideas, whilst remaining unique and true to self. Of course there are those, to whom we seem unusual. Those, who need ordinary, the usual and the recurring. Standing out is often risky. We know that. But we are not afraid.

We want to support the talented. Those unique and quirky characters, who inspire us to be better. We encourage people to express themselves through our collections and to demonstrate their versatility, because no-one has to deny or suppress themselves.

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Ivo Nikkolo is one of the oldest and most unique Estonian designer brands established in 1994.

Ivo Nikkolo collections are designed to fit the high demands and lifestyle of a modern day woman - original design, premium European fabrics and highest quality production meet in the distinguished collections. Ivo Nikkolo offers original design, combining attention to detail and playfulness with a truly elegant classical look.

The brand was conceived during the Soviet time when consumers were used to having very little, but began to appreciate high quality fashion design. Ivo Nikkolo, Kirke Aron and Jüri Siim took a bold step for those times and created a clothing line for both men and women, which regardless of Ivo Nikkolo's modesty was named after him. In the spring of 1994 the first Ivo Nikkolo store opened doors in Tallinn on Suur-Karja street.


Baltman is an international fashion brand, created in 1991 and belongs to Baltika Group's brand portfolio. It operates in Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian markets, owning 12 concept shops altogether. Baltman connects high-quality fabrics, product development and high-end design, offering sumptuous menswear for days in office, business trips and formal events.

All Baltman suits, jackets and trousers are produced right here in Estonia - in factories that are owned and administered by AS Baltika. Baltman relies on Baltika's long history and experience in production of high-quality clothing and suits. Baltman orders the fabrics from carefully selected long-term business partners in Europe, such as Loro Piana and Dormeuil who are indisputably some of the best in their field. All of Baltman's sourcing partners must follow ethical and responsible sourcing principles prescribed by AS Baltika.

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Baltika Group, founded in 1928, is the leading fashion brand house in the Baltics. We own, operate and develop three internationally successful fashion brands: Monton, Baltman and Ivo Nikkolo.


Throughout 90 years of experience, we have developed from a manufacturer to a brand house, and in the process we have become a leading fashion design enterprise in the Baltic region.