About Baltika

Founded in 1928 in Estonia, Baltika Group has a long and outstanding history. Grown out of a men’s raincoats manufacturer, Baltika has over 60 years of expertise in fine expert tailoring – from chic raincoats to the production of suits. In the late 1980s, endeavours into womenswear began. This led the Group towards encompassing five internationally recognized fashion labels: Monton, Baltman, Mosaic, Bastion, and Ivo Nikkolo.

Today, Baltika Group celebrates dignified 95 years of operations. We have dedicated all efforts to providing our customers with well-thought-out high-quality garments, accessories, and footwear through the brand Ivo Nikkolo. Located in 3 markets – Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, we have developed from a local manufacturer to a well-established fashion house. This through innovation and bold decision-making, yet, with great attention to our history of craftsmanship, sophistication, and elegance.

We care about Baltika.

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AS Baltika
Valukoja 10
11415 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone no. +372 630 2700