Ivo Nikkolo launches new store concept in Riga Spice shopping center

The freshly opened store is the first realization of the new retail concept of Ivo Nikkolo. A new store concept aims to attract the updated brand’s target audience after the rebrand and provide an exceptional customer experience. 

Marek Kornõšev, Retail Operations and Development Manager at Baltika Group said: „We are delighted to see the project planned for more than one and a half years coming to life. As the renewed Ivo Nikkolo focuses on a new type of customer, a modern woman, we need to become attractive not only with the product offer but with the whole customer experience. A new store concept with appealing visual, top-performing store staff and excellent in-store experience combined with very well integrated omnichannel tools will cater to our target customer better than ever.“

The new Ivo Nikkolo store concept is an important milestone in Baltika Group’s business strategy. By the end of 2021, the Group had managed to close down the majority of the non-profitable stores in the Baltics to focus on becoming profitable in the best-performing strategic locations. „The renewed brand has been performing very well in Riga Spice shopping mall despite difficult and limiting covid-period for all the region. Even though we are planning to adapt the new concept step by step in all our key locations, Spice is the perfect pilot project as the customers here are open to new and well-aligned with our target customer,“ Kornõšev added.

The transformation of the brand is introduced from product to positioning and is reflected in the new design representing modern femininity. The new Ivo Nikkolo store is a place for all women to come together and build a great community. A place where they can be themselves, get inspired and feel empowered. The new store creates a world that is exciting, yet gentle, calm and relaxed. The store layout is based on a very symmetrical and harmonious design – a soft feminine, yet confident aesthetic.

The values of Ivo Nikkolo are translated into the architecture of the new concept. Contrasts and strong symmetry represent ambition. Spaciousness, orientation and wide view into the store symbolize transparency, use of authentic materials and flexible store design illustrate responsibility while many lighting details and overall warmth depict optimism.

Ivo Nikkolo is one of the oldest and most unique Estonian designer brands established in 1994 and belongs to Baltika Group. In 2021 Ivo Nikkolo introduced the renewed brand and design handwriting with the mission to inspire, encourage and empower modern women through fashion.

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