Ivo Nikkolo

Ivo Nikkolo is one of the oldest and most unique Estonian designer brands established in 1994. Ivo Nikkolo collections are designed to fit the high demands and lifestyle of a modern day woman – original design, premium European fabrics and highest quality production meet in the distinguished collections. Ivo Nikkolo offers original design, combining attention to detail and playfulness with a truly elegant classical look.
The brand was conceived during the Soviet time when consumers were used to having very little, but began to appreciate high quality fashion design. Ivo Nikkolo, Kirke Aron and Jüri Siim took a bold step for those times and created a clothing line for both men and women, which regardless of Ivo Nikkolo’s modesty was named after him. In the spring of 1994 the first Ivo Nikkolo store opened doors in Tallinn on Suur-Karja street.

A determined vision and firm handwriting has described Ivo Nikkolo brand from the very beginning. Womenswear collection, aimed at a busy and self confident woman, is classical in its best form while unexpected and playful details trigger emotions.
In 1996 the fashion brand expanded to Finland and in 1998 the grasp reached even further to Sweden, where Ivo Nikkolo brand placed next to prestigious European fashion brands in the NK mall.
When Ivo Nikkolo joined Baltika Group in 2006, the main purpose of this decision was further development and expansion. Ivo Nikkolo collection is available in 38 point-of-sale in Baltics, Scandinavia and Russia besides the online store.

Whereever the brand gains foothold, a group of Ivo Nikkolo admirers spontaneously appears – these are women who appreciate nontraditional classics, meticulous choice of fabrics and exclusivity in details.

The brand is appreciated not only in Baltic countries, but also by fashion scene professionals across the world – fashion trend forecasting worldwide leader WGSN has repeatedly credited Ivo Nikkolo’s image campaign as one of the world’s best.